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We work hard to advocate a slow fashion approach to design and manufacturing. Fast-fashion and over consumption are a global issue and Black Friday feeds the obsession to over buy.

How much do people spend on Black Friday weekend in the UK?

In 2019 the UK population spent £8.6 billion over the Black Friday weekend. 2020 saw a drop in spend of 12.4% to £7.5 Billion. Can you remember what you purchased on Black Friday last year?

If you can, and you still have it, fantastic! But many people don't, and as fast-fashion retailer's cash in on heavy discounts, we must ask ourselves, who pays the ultimate price.

The impact of fast-fashion discounts on Black Friday

Last year we saw some of the biggest fast-fashion brands selling clothing for as little as 1p. 1p! When you consider the material cost, the labour, the shipping, the business overheads, and staff wages, how can they justify these discounts?

The answer is simple. The buying power these brands have is huge. So much so, they can barter and push garment factories to a tiny cost price per item. In turn, the impact falls to the prominently female population of garment workers, who are paid a wage so low, that it leaves them unable to provide even the basic needs of their families.

Changing the behaviour

Instead, we would much rather you made more sustainable choices when making purchases over the Black Friday weekend. After all, there are some worthy deals to be had if you genuinely need to buy something.

If you are swept up by 'too good to true' offers or buy clothes for £1 for example, then you are contributing to the huge negative impact that Black Friday has on our planet. To change the broken system of fashion we have to honest about how much something costs to make and how that price is a reflection of how long it will last.

Our Black Friday offers

We cannot and will not discount our entire collection. We plan our material purchases and production based on what we know demand to be, we do not over buy to exploit sale opportunities. We also want to make sure that everyone in our supply chain is paid a fair wage, so we set our prices accordingly.

On Black Friday weekend we must limit the number of items available, and limited the discount we can offer, otherwise, our business couldn't survive.

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