Luxury Eco Friendly Accessories


Handmade with premium quality

low impact and recycled materials.

Personalisation available.



Craftsmanship | Watson & Wolfe


Quality is a primary consideration when we are selecting materials and deciding how our products are crafted. We are focused on working with only the most detail oriented manufacturers.

Supporting Sustainability | Watson & Wolfe


We use materials which increase sustainability, sourced from the most reputable suppliers. Like you, we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, looking and feeling great, and protecting the environment.

Sustainable | Watson & Wolfe


We take full responsibility for our environmental footprint, so we offset the carbon emissions we generate by investing in collaborative reforesting projects.

Vegan | Watson & Wolfe


We are focused on providing low impact products, so we do not use any animal-based components and avoid processes that cause damage to people, eco systems and the environment.



Featured In The Press | Watson & Wolfe

Eco Friendly Wallets

Eco Friendly Vegan Wallets

Our Award Winning collection of non-leather, ethically made vegan wallet styles are all designed in the UK, and handcrafted using traditional leather-working techniques in Europe.


Handmade Card Holders

Handmade Card Holders

Looking for an ethical and vegan card holder? Our range of Award Winning credit card holders are designed to carry a few cards and folded notes. Whether you are a looking for a minimalist card holder or a zipped credit card case to hold both cards and coins, we have just the thing.


Perfect for Instant Gifting

Unsure which style of wallet they would like, which colour belt to buy or whether to add initials?  Then take a look at our e-gift cards.


Non Leather Belts

Non Leather Belts

Handmade in a traditional three-piece construction, our classic vegan belts are made in exactly the same way as an animal skin belt, but 100% cruelty free.



Sustainability is important to us, which is why our collection is made using innovative, vegan materials and why we will continue to seek new materials that can lower our environmental impact.


We are committed to developing and maintaining sustainability and transparency throughout our supply chain. We choose our materials based on more than just durability or good looks and we want our suppliers to be as focused on the environment as we are.


We are open and honest about where our materials come from and our ethical production.