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Welcome to our collection of the very best travel pouches made with premium quality, next-generation materials. Our travel pouches and passport holders are all designed to help your journey go smoothly, with dedicated compartments for cards and space for your passport and other documents.

Travel pouches are available with or without a wristlet.
Travel Pouches | Watson & Wolfe

Minimalist, Vegan Travel Pouches


What is a travel pouch?

A travel pouch is a small, compact bag to store cash, cards, passport, phone and even a lipstick and it is a sure-fire way to keep your handbag or carry-on bag more organized when travelling.

When you choose a travel pouch with a wristlet, you also have a small bag to take with you on-the-go.

A good travel pouch allows you to carry all your most valuable possessions on your person all the time, so you are prepared for any eventuality when overseas or away from home.

Our materials

Handmade with premium quality, microfiber vegan leather which looks and feels incredible. This low impact material is up to 3 times more environmentally friendly than animal leather, plus, it is hardwearing and easy to clean.

Inside, the lining has been made from 100%, post-consumer plastic bottles. It is soft and strong like polyester, but unlike virgin polyester, recycled PET fabric has a significantly lower impact on the environment. It uses 94% less water, 60% less energy and 32% less CO2 to manufacture.

The next-generation microfiber leather we use is extremely durable and is designed to replicate the qualities of leather. 
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