Vegan Belts

Our range of vegan belts are made with the highest quality, cruelty free materials and are handmade in our factory in Europe. Available in two sizes each belt has a traditional, classic style which is perfect for both casual and work attire. We provide worldwide delivery on all our products. If you are unsure of the size you require, scroll down to the size guide at the bottom of this page.

Vegan Leather Belts

It seems that a high-quality vegan belt is hard to come by (or so you tell us). So, armed with this knowledge, we have made sure that every vegan leather belt we make is constructed to last, using materials that can stand the test of time.

Wearing a non-leather belt or other faux-leather accessories is no longer just about animal welfare, more importantly, it is about making an ethical, sustainable choice. We have chosen our premium vegan materials because they look and feel good, which means you can make an ethical choice without compromising on quality or style.

Our vegan leather belts are designed to be gender neutral. Using modest buckle sizes and a universal width, means they are perfect for formal suits and jeans and sizing can accommodate everyone.

Each one of our vegan leather belts has been constructed with three layers of material.

Eco Friendly Leather Belts:

A faux leather nubuck made with PU on the base, a microfiber lining and a premium quality layer of microfibre PU on the top. The microfiber vegan leather we use is several times more expensive than material used by other brands. It is significantly more durable and is designed and made to replicate the qualities of leather.

Cork Belts:

Each belt has three layers, a base of PU, a lining and a top layer of hard wearing natural cork leather.

In each example, all three materials are bonded together before being stitched for superior strength.

How do I measure my belt size?  It’s a question we get asked a lot, so we have provided this useful diagram so you can work out your existing size before selecting your new vegan belt.

How to measure for a belt | Watson & Wolfe

Measure between point A (the end of the belt, not including the buckle) and point B, where you normally where your belt. This will give you your belt size.

If you are experiencing any trouble deciding which size your belt should be, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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