The Environmental Cost of Cow Leather, The Tundra | Watson & Wolfe

Lessons In Leather

The environmental Impact of Cow Leather.   At a time when consumers are taking more of a conscious approach to buying clothes, understanding the environmental impact of our clothing has become more important than ever. Many people are shocked to hear that cow’s leather impacts the environment...

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Waiting for Climate Change

If you follow us on Instagram you will already know that we are huge fans of Street Art, and the art of Isaac Cordal has never been more relevant than now.   Isaac has captured our attention with a series of thought provoking installations about the Climate...

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VIN+OMI London Fashion Week 2019, Sponsors | Watson & Wolfe


Ground-breaking, cutting-edge and inspiring   We were immensely proud to be a sponsor of the much-anticipated show by eco-pioneers Vin+Omi, which opened London Fashion Week on Thursday 14th February at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street.   Vin + Omi have been making headlines due to their radical approach...

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8th Future Fabrics Expo 2019, The Sustainable Angle | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

Future Fabrics Exhibition 2019

Tomorrow's mainstream materials.   We are constantly looking for innovative materials which can lower our environmental impact, it drives our design and business decisions. So it was incredible to see so many innovators, product designers and textile companies at this years Future Fabric Expo in London.   Here are...

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Is Sustainable Luxury - The Tundra

Is Sustainable Fashion ‘Luxury’

Is Sustainable Fashion 'Luxury'?   There is undoubtedly a perception of what luxury is. After all, we have been fed marketing slogans and imagery since we were children. We have been conditioned.   But if we break it down, is 'luxury' that complex? On the one hand we are...

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