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Find the perfect eco and vegan Christmas gift from our handmade collection of wallets, card holders, bags, and travel accessories. Each piece is handmade in an ethical supply chain with materials that have a lower impact on our planet.

For a truly unique gift choose to add personalised initials.

Our gift wrap service is included for no extra charge and is completely plastic free.
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Vegan Christmas Presents & Gifts


Interesting Facts about Christmas Presents

Here at Watson Wolfe, we love the festive period! It’s the one collective time in the year that family and friends can make time to see one another and truly rejoice in capturing the spirit of Christmas. So, if you’re reading this and are in the process of either thinking about gifts for your loved ones, or if you’re busy wrapping them – we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts and stats that all relate to Xmas that will intrigue you!

- The first ever televised Christmas speech from the Queen was in 1957, and we’ve been glued to our TV screens ever since.
- 46% of Greetings Cards that are sent out each year relate to Christmas.
- In 1647, Oliver Cromwell banned celebrating Christmas! He thought that it was wrong to feast and drink on a holy day.
- £28,000,000 worth of Christmas puddings is consumed each year.
- 88 Square Km of wrapping paper is sold every year around Xmas time in the UK.
- £350 is the average amount an adult spends buying Christmas presents.
- 988 is the number of calories in your average Christmas lunch.

The History of Christmas Presents

In 2019, it was said that the UK spent over £25 billion on Christmas gifts. This underpins just how big the tradition of Christmas gifts has become and how its now such a crucial part of the UK’s economy. This doesn’t take into consideration other countries and how much goes through their respective economies. But where did this all begin? And how has Xmas evolved into such a financial monster? Well, for that, we must look back to the ancient romans where this time-honoured tradition can be traced back to.

Festivals during this time took place from 17th – 23rd December to honour the celebration of Saturnalia. Gifts would be exchanged, and parties would run well into the night – and is was the only time where free speech would be embraced. Slaves would be considered equals to their masters during this period too. And as Christianity evolved throughout the ages the early values of gift giving at Christmas time evolved and became a staple for all followers.

The turn of the 20th Century saw Christmas became a huge phenomenon in America. The economic increase after World War II was the fuel the Xmas industry needed for it to become a household spectacle. It even got to the point where all people from all walks of life started to embrace this period – not just those of the Christian faith. Marketers and advertisers began to see the positive impact of commercialising this annual event. With schools and workplaces increasingly being shut during the celebrations it became an advertiser’s dream.

And as Xmas has evolved over the generations, one thing that has remained a constant is gift exchanging. The western world enjoys the Xmas period with probably little to no understanding of the religious principles behind it; but due to the commercialisation of it, it’s something that people have chosen to embrace more and more throughout the ages.

What are Ethical Christmas Gifts?

Ethical Christmas gifts can be defined as having a moral, social, and ethical standing. Essentially these items are good for the planet and made from sustainable, eco friendly materials. If you are given a gift that puts the well-being of the environment, animals, and people first, then this is an ethical gift. When you buy a product that is deemed to be unethical, you’re essentially supporting unethical practises such as animal cruelty, child poverty, pollution and much more. Currently, shopping for ethical Xmas gifts is becoming more and more common place with even more people looking to find ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

And when it comes to the Xmas period, things tend to be rushed and the pressure can be on to get everything done in time. Therefore, Xmas can be a difficult time to sustain our commitment to ethical values. Whether it’s looking for more handmade gifts, using recycled wrapping paper, consuming no animal products, or spending more to buy less; it can be a daunting thought to keep Xmas ethical and sustainable. That said, when it comes to ethical Xmas presents there are more options now than ever before.

Here at Watson Wolfe, all our products are sustainable, animal cruelty free and eco-friendly. So, if you are looking for ethical Christmas gifts, you have certainly arrived at the right place. Our wallets are made from materials that use fewer chemicals than animal leather and have a significantly lower environmental impact – an excellent choice for anybody who cares about the environment and understands the importance of gifting ethical gifts. Every wallet from our range is entirely handcrafted and finished to the highest standard, and we have a series of elegant styles in the collections. With cruelty-free bi-fold, tri-fold, cardholders and wallets with coin pockets, you can make an ethical choice of gift without compromising quality, functionality or style.

What should I avoid when choosing a vegan gift?

There are a few things you will need to avoid when choosing the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is vegan. 

Items which have been tested on animals. 
Animal testing is usually linked to beauty items and cosmetics. These items should be marked with the cruelty free leaping bunny logo if they have not been tested on animals. It is also worth checking if they are vegan as well, because some cosmetics can contain animal derived ingredients.

Animals fibres and substances.
Items containing or made of materials such as leather, fur, wool, silk, feathers, or beeswax would not make a suitable gift. You can check labels or ask the retailer if the label is unclear.

Personalised Christmas Gifts & Products

If you’re struggling to think of ideal gifts for your family and friends for Xmas, then why not gift something that is a little more personal. At Watson Wolfe, we make giving a custom gift easy. A personalised wallet of card holder is an excellent Xmas gift that someone will cherish for a long time, all whilst being completely practical and ethical. Why not capture the essence of Xmas with a personalised gift!

All our card holders and wallets can be personalised with your chosen initials and the embossed lettering is added to the front, bottom right-hand corner.
The service takes between 3-5 days to fully complete, but if you require the item much faster and in time for Christmas, then please do contact us.

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