Vegan Bags & Pouches

Vegan Bags

About the Collection
Pochettes and pouches have become a fashion staple for both men and women because they are so light and versatile for everyday use.  Gone are the days when you carry your keys, wallet, phone and business cards in your pockets, the over bulking simply spoils the line of your trousers or jacket.


As with all our items we have thought about how to reduce what you carry and with our pochette and pouch you do not even need to carry your wallet or purse. Inside we have included 8 card holders, so you can travel even lighter. For those who like the added security of a handle, we have included an option with a detachable cuff handle.


Wearing a vegan belt or carrying a vegan bag is no longer just about animal welfare, it is about making an ethical, sustainable choice. All our pouches and bags are made by people who are respected for their skill and paid a fair wage.

Our Materials
Our vegan bags are all made with premium, vegan leather which is scratch resistant, water resistant and durable.


Inside, each item is lined with a high quality woven fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This material has the same quality as virgin polyester, but takes significantly less resources to make. You can read more about our materials here.


When choosing materials, we consider the environmental impact of our choices. We use PU and bio based materials because they are less toxic on the planet. It is for environmental reasons that we do not use any PVC in any of our collections.