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From passion came inspiration

Helen began her career at Aspinal of London where she developed a passion for leather goods. In 2017 whilst juggling motherhood she decided to start a men's accessories brand from her home in Surrey.  A few months later, the world as she knew it changed forever, and she embarked on a radical change of direction. 


Like many people, Helen believed that leather was a by-product of the meat industry. When she discovered the industry was causing unimaginable suffering to animals, polluting land and water and damaging human health, Helen realised she needed to rethink everything. 

Fast-forward six months, and Helen, now fully vegan, had created Watson & Wolfe - a conscious brand focused on protecting animals, reducing pollution and educating consumers about the true cost of an industry that she loved for so long.
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"I am not the person who can ignore cruelty, pollution and human suffering. I want to build a brand that my children can be proud of too"

Helen Farr-Leander

Developing the brand

Helen's vision is to create a brand which adds value to the world, by educating consumers and delivering excellence to challenge perception and bring about change. The name Watson & Wolfe is a play on this vision.

The name Watson comes from Helen's beloved Dachshund who has been by her side since he was 9 weeks old. Now in his senior years, he still accompanies her almost everywhere and most days can be found sleeping in his bed in her office.

Dogs evolved from wolves, and Helen wants to drive evolution of the leather goods industry, hence the name Watson & Wolfe.
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"In a world where fashion is the second biggest polluter of our planet, we are committed to change"

Helen Farr-Leander

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