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A key holder wallet is the perfect place to hold your keys safely. Our range of key wallets offer additional functionality with an elegant, zipped design that can also accommodate a few cards and coins.

Our range of key holder wallets are handmade to an exceptionally high standard with low impact materials in an ethical supply chain.

A key wallet can be used to reduce wear and tear on the linings of bags and trousers.
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Handmade Key Holder Wallets


About the collection

Handmade in a small boutique factory in Istanbul, our range of key holder wallets and key cases are designed to be functional and durable.

Each piece has been crafed with a range of low impact, next-generation materials. We take the utmost care to design and make items that you can enjoy for years to come.

What is a key holder wallet?

A key holder wallet is a type of wallet that is designed to hold and organize keys. It typically features a variety of pockets, slots or compartments for keys, as well as other items like cash, cards and coins. Key holder wallets also often have a loop that allows a keychain or other items to be attached.

Choosing the right key wallet

If you are looking for a key holer wallet with lots of little hooks inside, we can’t help you. With big keys for our cars, these little hooks, and the compact cases around them are far too small.

A key holder wallet on the other hand, has a single compartment which can carry several keys of any varying size and shape. They have a key hook, for house keys and if you travel light, you can even carry loose change and a card or two inside as well.
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