Low Impact, Sustainable & Vegan Materials

Quality is a primary consideration when selecting our sustainable materials, as is the way our accessories are crafted. As a premium product, it is paramount that our innovative eco leather creates accessories which can be manufactured without any compromise on quality or craftsmanship.

Scientists and textile engineers are constantly looking to develop new, eco-friendly materials which have less reliance on our planet’s resources. Innovations such as mushroom leather, grape leather and orange fibre silk.

Eco, cruelty free and vegan leathers such as pineapple leaf leather, corn leather and apple leather are already in mainstream use and are an excellent alternatives to animal-based leather. They combine the fundamental qualities of animal leather with further benefits and crucially they remove the toxic and damaging processes of tanning and preserving animal skins.


“In a world where fashion is the second biggest polluter of our planet.

We are committed to change.”


Some eco-leathers such as ours, are polymers, made with a base layer of natural material, such as flax and cotton mixed with corn, pineapple, apple waste and vegetable oils, which are layered together. This base material is then covered with a polyurethane or microfiber top layer to give durability and longevity.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality, sustainable materials means we will continually seek new and innovative textiles which can provide our customers with the best possible finish whilst at the same time protecting the environment.

Corn Leather

{Also referred to as faux leather, synthetic leather}

Our Eco leather is a giant stride towards fully sustainable leather. Rather than being 100% PU, the base material is made with more than 30% BIO Plant material, that does not divert resources necessary for food farms or animal feed. This BIO content comes entirely from renewable sources, is from a GM source and is carbon neutral, so the production of the material has a substantially lower impact on the environment.

Our material is Chromium and PPD free.

Our manufacturers facilities are fully powered by photovoltaic generators supplying a combined power of 1,3 MW, and only low environmental impact LED lighting is used throughout the company.


USDA Certified Bio Based Product | Our Materials

Cactus Leather

{Sustainable solutions from nature}

The cactus leather we use comes from Mexico. Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, aware of the environmental destruction of the leather industry, wanted to find a low impact, sustainable alternative. They hit upon using cactus because it grows abundantly in Mexico and is completely sustainable.

It takes 200 litres of water to grow one kilogram of cactus biomass, which is absorbed by the plant itself from humidity present in the atmosphere, and just 3 leaves of the plant are used to make 1 linear metre of material.

The cactus leather is made up of 30% cactus biomass together with PU in a process which uses non-toxic chemicals. You can read more about this material on our blog here.

Cactus leather is an innovative vegan leather and is grown in a USDA certified organic farming system.

Innovative Vegan Cactus Leather | Watson & Wolfe


USDA Organic Certification | Watson & Wolfe
Phthalate Free Certification | Watson & Wolfe

Recycled Lining

{recycled post-consumer plastics, recycled material, re-purposed materials}

Our choice of interior lining is critical to your enjoyment of our products. It is essential that our linings and supporting materials are strong and durable, but they must also look and feel beautiful.

Traditionally, leather goods brands use virgin Polyester as a lining, but by using recycled PET fabrics, made with recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles, we can significantly reduce the output of waste water, energy and CO2 and cut down on the consumption of crude oil. We contribute to the environment by using reducing the use of virgin polyester.



Our lining material is manufactured in an eco-friendly process and meets Bluesign system standards. Our manufacturer has a number of environmental credentials including the use of Green Power and an onsite treatment facility for all solvent and exhaust air.


Gift Packaging

{refreshingly simple luxury}

Our gift packaging has been carefully considered to reflect our ethos and brand values.

The look and feel of our gift boxes defy the very idea that they are made from recycled materials, but they are made from 100% collected wastepaper and contain recycled fibre particles. The card stock we use is bio-degradable and FSC certified and the manufacturing process is entirely free of chlorine. The boxes are then printed with vegetable-based inks.

After all, your item will still be luxurious long after the packaging is gone.

Sustainable Gift Packaging | Watson & Wolfe


FSC Certified | Watson & Wolfe
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