It’s easy to stay perfectly groomed and organised when you have the right wash bag. Our range of men’s wash bags have been thoughtfully designed to cater for short haul, long haul, work, and pleasure. Choose a large travel wash bag that can hold everything you need for a long trip, or a compact cork wash bag for your next weekend away.

All our wash bags for men are handcrafted with next-generation, low impact materials and are designed to be by your side wherever life takes you.
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Handmade Men's Toiletry Bags & Wash Bags


Why is a washbag important?

Travelling can be busy and sometimes stressful. So, it’s crucial you feel well-groomed, organised, and confident. Having all the grooming and cosmetics you use at home can make all the difference to how you feel and how quickly you can be ready. A good quality wash bag can hold all the essentials you need, including your usual soap, shampoo, comb, razor, toothpaste and toothbrush and even a set of ear plugs.

Wash bags are designed to take the stress out of finding and buying essential grooming items whilst you are away. Whether it’s a business trip, holiday with the family or a city break with your significant other, an organised washbag will ensure you are always feeling great for your next adventure.

What should be in a mens wash bag?

Taking the time to pack your wash bag will make all the difference on your trip. If you are going away for a couple of days you may only need your usual daily groom products but for a long-haul trip longer than 7 days, there will be some additional things you'll need to consider.

Our wash bag is an extension of our bathroom. It should contain all the things you usually use before leaving the house. Including your toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving items, a flannel or sponge, shower gel and any medications.

For a long-haul trip do consider other grooming items you don't use every day. Items such as nail clippers and nose hair trimmers. Perhaps you'll even pack an eye mask if you plan on crossing time-zones.

What is a Dopp Kit?

A Dopp Kit is a men’s travel toiletry bag or wash bag. The name ‘Dopp’ comes from the creator Charles Doppelt who in 1919 designed a men’s travel wash bag with his nephew. Charles Doppelt sold his toiletry bags locally before getting a contract to supply the US Army in 1919. The US Army purchased the Doppelt (‘Dopps’) to supply to all new recruits during the second world war.

Of course, the soldiers continued to use their Dopp Kits once they returned home. Today, the design and function of a good wash bag remains an invaluable travel companion.

Our materials

We use two types of material to make our men's toiletry bags and we detail the differences below.

These wash bags are handcrafted with a premium Italian alternative to leather which contains 45% bio plant content from corn, a material that is up to 3x more environmentally friendly than animal leather.
The corn-based material we use is extremely durable ideally suited to this application. It can be wiped clean and is water and scratch resistant.

Cork is a sustainable alternative to animal leather. The material is tough, and water and tear resistant. Cork leather has a smooth, shiny finish and its appearance improves over time. Cork is lightweight too, and unlike animal leather, the process to make it is completely chemical free.

If you want to know more about how cork leather is created and it’s qualities, check out our article here.

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