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There are some things which you just cannot leave home without. Our travel accessories collection allows you to travel in style with everything you need to hand and neatly organised. Each piece is handmade with a fine quality finish, using premium quality cruelty free and vegan materials. How will you arrive at your next destination?
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Luxury Vegan Travel Accessories


About our collection

Cruelty free travelling has just become infinitely more stylish with the introduction of our luxurious range of travel accessories.

If you are heading out of town, being organised and having the right items in your luggage an make or break your trip, so, we have designed functional travel accessories to make packing and travelling much more enjoyable.

Take our luxury travel wallet, which can hold multiple passports, cards and travel money, or our spacious and functional washbag, which has a fully waterproof lining and lots of handy pockets for daily essentials. And if you prefer a bag for travelling which can hold your travel documents, passport, cards, phone and keys, then a travel pouch would make a perfect travel companion.

Our collection is handmade using the highest quality, cruelty free and low impact vegan materials. Crafted with traditional techniques we embrace the slow fashion model of producing quality accessories which will last.

Our materials

Handmade with premium quality, microfiber vegan leather which looks and feels incredible. This low impact material is up to 2/3 more environmentally friendly than leather, plus, it is hardwearing, easy to clean and durable.

Inside, the lining has been made from 100%, post-consumer plastic bottles. It is soft and strong like polyester, but unlike virgin polyester, recycled PET fabric has a significantly lower impact on the environment. It uses 94% less water, 60% less energy and 32% less CO2 to manufacture.

The next-generation microfiber leather we use is significantly more durable than other vegan materials, and is designed and made to replicate the qualities of leather.
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