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Our curated edit of Father’s Day gifts includes some of our best-selling items, each ethically handmade with innovative future materials.

Timeless designs are finished to our exacting standard ensuring he can carry and enjoy your gift for many years to come.

For a truly unique gift, why not choose from our range of card holders and wallets and add personalised initials.
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Interesting Facts about Father’s Day

An easy way to remember Father’s Day here in the UK, is that it’s celebrated on the third Sunday of every June…!

Also… did you know that in 1930’s America, there was actually a campaign to eliminate both Father’s and Mother’s Day in favour of an all inclusive ‘Parents Day’! This never came to fruition as the economy got a better boost from the two separate occasions with people buying two sets of gifts. Can you imagine how different things would be now if they did!

According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is now the 5th largest card sending day of the year.

The History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is dedicated to paying homage to all our fathers and father figures. It's also another  day in the year when we have a great reason to come together as a family to rejoice, and celebrate our love for eachother. But where did it all begin? Did you know that in contrast to Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day is a relatively new concept? The first ever Father’s Day happened in 1908 in America, and Britain were quick to develop the concept here. Father’s Day here in the UK was only meant to be a one-time deal, there was never a plan for it to be an annual event.

In 1909, a woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dood from West Virgina made it her goal to set up a national Father’s Day. The concept quickly spread throughout mid-west America during the years that followed.

It wasn’t really until after World War II that the commercial appeal of Father’s Day truly came to light by advertisers, who at that time, began to promote the troops on the battlefield. In America, by the time the war was over, Father’s Day had become a household institution, and Britain was not too far behind.

And now… it’s a date and occasion that we all know and celebrate.

Modern Father’s Day Gifting

The role of Fathers had changed significantly over the last few decades. Historically, the man of the house commanded respect, was generally the disciplinarian and this stoic attitude didn’t naturally encourage tenderness and love. These days Dads have much broader roles; actively helping to raise the children, providing hands on care, and showing love, support and understanding.

Yet in terms of consumer spending, the National Retail Federation reports that Father’s Day is less than 60% the size of Mother’s Day. Tacky low-cost gimmicky gifts still make up the majority of the items you will see on marketing material from gift companies at this time of the year.

Unlike our mothers, dads aren’t craving a trip to the spa or beautiful flowers, but they are craving attention, love and gifts which are befitting for someone special.

At Watson Wolfe, we believe Fathers really do deserve the very best. That’s why, on this page, you will find a curated collection our best-selling gifts especially for this occasion and everything is delivered in a Watson & Wolfe gift box.

Personalised Father’s Day Wallet & Gifts

It can be tough thinking of the ideal gift for Father’s Day, but our decades of experience here at Watson & Wolfe, can make that process a little simpler. A personalised wallet or card holder is one of the best gifts you can give for Father’s Day, not only to mark the occasion, but for practicality too. By purchasing a personalised gift for your dad; you will truly capture the essence of the day whilst giving a truly thoughtful gift.

All our card holders and wallets can be personalised with your choosen initials and the embossed lettering is added to the front, bottom right-hand corner.

The service takes between 3-5 days to fully complete, but if you require the item much faster and in time for Father’s Day, then please do contact us.

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