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As a small ethical business, we want to maintain the high standard of craftsmanship and ensure all the people in our supply chain are valued. This means we cannot offer big discounts across our collection.

Our Black Friday deals are limited. We have a small number of each of the following items available.

As the available quantity sells out, we will remove the item from this page.
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Conscious Shopping on Black Friday


What is Black Friday?

The UK and other nations have adopted Black Friday from the United States. Historically, Black Friday would be celebrated on the first Friday following the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is considered the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season.

As far back as the 1980's Black Friday referred to the day when businesses would start to turn a profit for the year, taking them from 'in the red' to 'in the black' financially.

Over time, this event has become bigger and bigger, and is now a weekend shopping event, when many retailers offer big discounts.

What is White Friday?

White Friday is the equivilent of Black Friday but in the UAE.


Much of what is bought between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is cheap holiday outfits and fashion that is designed to fall apart after just a few weeks. This flawed system contributes to a huge negative impact on our planet.

The pressure to shop on Black Friday is engrained in society but you can decide not to be affected by it.

Instead, you can choose only to buy what you need, and take advantage of offers made by conscious brands who make superior quality items that will last. 

Will you take back your Black Friday power?
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