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Introducing our collection of vegan and sustainable card holders, the stylish and eco-friendly accessory that combines functionality with a conscious choice for the planet.

Our vegan card holders are crafted using innovative materials that mimic the texture and durability of genuine leather without harming animals. Each piece is designed to meet the needs of the modern individual who values sustainability and ethical practices.
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About the collection

Looking for an ethical and vegan card holder? Our range of Award-Winning credit card holders is designed to carry cards and folded notes. Whether you are looking for a minimalist card holder or a zipped credit card case let's explore the advantages of our corn-based vegan card holders:

Cruelty-Free: By opting for our vegan card holders, you choose compassion over cruelty. No animals are harmed in the production process, allowing you to embrace a lifestyle that aligns with your ethical values.

Sustainable: The use of corn-based vegan leather reduces our reliance on animal-based materials, leading to a lower carbon footprint. This sustainable approach minimises the impact on the environment, making our card holders an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Our card holders are expertly crafted to ensure durability and longevity. The high-quality materials we select are combined with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in an accessory that will withstand daily use.

Versatile and Functional: Our card holders are designed to meet the needs of the modern individual. With multiple card slots and a lightweight and slim profile, you can easily organise and access your essentials. Whether credit cards, IDs, or business cards, our card holders offer practical functionality without compromising style.

Ethically Made: Our corn-based vegan card holders combine ethical values with contemporary design. Each piece is made in Europe by people who are valued and paid a fair living wage.

Carrying a vegan accessory or wearing a non-leather belt is no longer just about animal welfare. It’s about making a conscious choice for our planet and supporting a more compassionate and environmentally friendly future. You can feel confident knowing that your purchase aligns with your values and contributes to the global movement toward sustainability.

Each of our ethical card holders are made with RFID protection.

What is a card holder?

A card holder is a smaller and slimmer alternative to a wallet and perfect for those who carry little to no cash and just a few cards. Card holders are less likely to bulge excessively and easier to access in your front pocket. 

The compact design and small size of a card holder means it will accomodate far less than a wallet.

When choosing your new card holder, you should consider how many cards you will carry. Synthetic materials will stretch a little over time, but to the same extent as leather, so be realistic and try not to over fill it.

What are the benefits of choosing a vegan card holder?

Opting for a vegan card holder means embracing a lifestyle that aligns with compassion and sustainability. By choosing a cruelty-free alternative, you contribute to animal welfare and minimise your environmental impact. Our range allows you to make a fashion statement while upholding your values.

What is corn-based vegan leather, and why is it a better choice?

Corn-based vegan leather, also known as plant-based leather or bio-based leather, is a groundbreaking material that combines the best of both worlds: the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather without the ethical and environmental concerns. This innovative alternative is crafted from corn waste, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

The production process of corn-based vegan leather starts with corn, a widely available and renewable resource. The corn is processed to extract starch, which is then fermented by microorganisms to produce lactic acid. Through a series of chemical reactions, the lactic acid is transformed into a polymer that can be used to create a leather-like material. This process is often referred to as biofabrication.

One of the significant advantages of corn-based vegan leather is its reduced environmental impact compared to traditional leather production. Unlike animal leather, which requires raising and slaughtering animals, corn-based vegan leather relies on agricultural byproducts that would otherwise go to waste. By utilising corn waste, this material reduces the need for land, water, and energy resources associated with animal farming.

The material used for this collection contains at least 30% plant content and is estimated to be 3 times more environmentally friendly than animal leather.

Recycled linings

Unless specified, all our card holders are lined with 100%, post-consumer plastic bottles. We use recycled PET (rPET) because it’s as soft and strong as polyester, but unlike virgin polyester, rPET fabric has a significantly lower impact on the environment. It uses 94% less water, 60 less energy and 32% less CO2 to manufacture.

What makes our vegan card holders environmentally friendly?

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the use of corn-based vegan leather. We carefully select materials and manufacturing processes that minimise our ecological impact. By utilising recycled components whenever possible, we contribute to a circular economy and reduce waste.

Additionally, our sustainable card holders come packaged in eco-friendly materials. The tissue paper, gift box, and insert card are all made from 100% recycled materials and can all be recycled. Your delivery will be plastic-free too, ensuring a complete eco-conscious experience from start to finish.

Can card holders hold cash?

The most used card holder designs have card pockets without a specifically designed space for notes and bills. There are cardholders with internal and external money clips, and others with elastic bands to hold paper currency. It is unclear how effective these can be.

How do you put money in a cardholder?

If you want a cardholder but also want to carry a few notes, you could dedicate one of the card pockets to this.

Fold your notes in half, then fold them again into 1/4, and slip them into the card pocket. This option allows you to carry just a few notes and is not a solution for carrying lots of cash.

In our collection of vegan leather card holders, we have several designs that can accommodate folded notes and bills. The slim card case has a central pocket for notes, whilst the card wallet with a notes pocket can hold folded notes in a full-length currency pocket.
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