Supply Chain Transparency

At Watson & Wolfe we believe that not only should our product be environmentally friendly, but so should our suppliers.  That’s why we are transparent about our supply chain.  We want our suppliers to be as focused on the environment as we are, and we want you to trust that our materials are sourced from the most reputable producers.

Corn Leather


Eco-Leather, Italy, Our supply chain | Watson & Wolfe

The high performance material we use is the result of years of Research and Development and is a huge leap towards fully sustainable faux leathers. The manufacturer of our eco leather is based in Rome, Italy.  With three sites globally, the company is committed to developing materials with the optimal mix of technical performance and aesthetic appeal.


  • Each global site is fully powered by a rooftop photovoltaic generator producing usable solar energy.
  • The environmental gain from their green energy is quantifiable, and gives a total Co2 saving of 1.023.990 Kg per year.
  • Only low environmental impact LED illumination is used throughout the group.
  • They have their own intensive Research & Development program, pushing the boundaries of sustainable production of leather.
  • They are aiming to develop a 100% solvent-free product and an article for shoe lining with 80% of BIO content.

Raw Material

North America

Yellow Dent, North America | Watson & Wolfe

The plant material used to make our corn-based leather is sourced from North America.


  • Yellow Dent is a type of field corn with a high soft starch content. It received its name because of the small indentation (“dent”) at the crown of each kernel on a ripe ear of corn.
  • Yellow Dent grows on over 99% of North American Continent corn field acres and is therefore a prime location for this core ingredient.
  • Field corn is not for human consumption, it is in fact produced for ethanol purposes and other manufactured goods.
  • This raw material has a smaller environmental footprint than its petroleum-based alternatives, saving CO2 emissions.


The oil extracted from yellow dent corn represents more than 30% of the final material we use on our collections.

Cactus Leather

Guadalajara, MEXICO

Desserto | Transparency in our Supply Chain

The cactus plants are grown at a ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico. The process of growing and harvesting the cactus is sustainable and renewable. The cactus raw material (30%) is combined with polyurethane, a blend which provides a long lasting, durable material.

  • The ranch only plants native cactus from the region to promote existing biodiversity of wild flora.
  • Cactus plants are grown without the use of chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides.
  • Cactus is a natural carbon sink, it has a great CO2 sequestering capacity. The 14 acres on the ranch can absorb 8,100 tons of CO2/year while only generating 15.30 tons of CO2 annually.
  • They have their own intensive Research & Development program, pushing the boundaries of sustainable production of cactus leather.

rPET Lining

Taoyuan city, TAIWAN

rPET Lining, Taiwan, Transparency in our Supply Chain | Watson & Wolfe

Our recycled PET lining is produced in Taoyuan city, Taiwan.  This clever process dyes and weaves the recycled PET yarn, producing a quality, long lasting lining, which is featured throughout our premium collection.  We chose this factory because of their outstanding continued commitment to environmental responsibility.


  • 2008 Awarded for bluesign® system to environmental production process
  • 2015 Awarded for ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases Emission System Certificate
  • 2016 Built own facilities to treat solvent and exhaust air and achieved the Global Recycled Standard.


This supplier also works with ECONYL® recycled nylon yarn, which is made with fishing nets, carpet flooring and industrial plastics salvaged from landfills and oceans all over the world.


Ethical Production

Istanbul, TURKEY

Istanbul Turkey, Transparency in our Supply Chain | Watson & Wolfe

In fashion today, it is important that we understand how our supply chain affects people and ask, “who made my clothes”. Our manufacturing plant in Turkey is a small, fair wage employer of local people. They have decades of experience working with global luxury brands.


  • Owner managed with 10 members of staff
  • Fair wage and all government taxes and benefits are paid
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Skill is nurtured and respected

Guangzhou, CHINA

Veshin Factory, China | Watson & Wolfe

Veshin (pronounced V-shin) is a manufacturer specialising in luxury vegan leather bags & accessories. Built on a philosophy centred on sustainability, transparency, consciousness & environmentally progressive values, they use only premium vegan and recycled materials.


  • Fair wage and all government taxes and benefits are paid
  • Excellent working conditions
  • 10 years experience in premium leather goods
  • Aiming to be the first fully sustainable vegan factory in the world
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