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[The tundra wolf is another name for the arctic wolf.
Tundra wolves are considered to be a sub-species of the gray wolf. The animal gets its name from
its habitat, The Tundra, which covers several regions of the high Arctic.]

  • 05 Nov Vegan Wallets! Are you mad?

    Keep going and prove your sceptics wrong   Wallets are one of the most popular items in men’s fashion accessories, and is it any wonder? Men have very few ways in which they can express their individual style and a wallet is certainly a way......

  • Recycled Plastic Bottle Fabric | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

    19 Oct Recycling bottles the luxurious way.

    Every decision had to be about sustainability.   Our initial design meetings were dominated by conversation around the lining of our collection. Some of the ideas we explored were used balloon silks and used spinnaker sails. We were passionate a...

  • Eco Friendly Vegan Leather | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

    22 Sep Synthetic Leather with Bio Plant Material

    Now cruelty-free leather is sustainable.   Our veg leather is a giant stride towards fully sustainable leather. Rather than being 100% PU, the base material is made with more than 50% BIO Plant material, that does not divert resources necessary ...

  • Wallets are Tradition | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

    14 Jul Wallets. Don’t be too keen to shun tradition.

    Our fondness for the wallet continues.   We live in a digital age where smart payment providers are competing to move us further away from hard cash and into a cashless society.   Apple pay, amazon pay, paypal and Klarna are all cashless, d...

  • Is Sustainable Luxury - The Tundra

    11 Jun Is Sustainable Fashion ‘Luxury’

    Is Sustainable Fashion ‘Luxury’?   There is undoubtedly a perception of what luxury is. After all, we have been fed marketing slogans and imagery since we were children. We have been conditioned.   But if we break it down, is &#...

  • Community Litter Collection - Abinger Hammer, Surrey | Watson & Wolfe

    29 Apr The War on Litter – Abinger Hammer, Surrey

    Traffic brings litter…   One of the biggest contributors of litter is people throwing rubbish from moving vehicles.  We see this in the extreme on major motorways, but the problem is everywhere and on busy roads is it unsafe to regularly ...

  • Being Green | Sustainability - The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

    16 Apr Does being green mean giving up everything?

    Does being green mean I have to give up everything?   Answer: Of course not.   What does being green mean anyway? We all have different interpretations of what different things mean and we all lead very different lives. So, for some it migh...

  • Community Litter Collection - Gomshall, Surrey, UK | Watson & Wolfe

    18 Mar The War on Litter – Gomshall, Surrey

    What years of littering looks like…   Litter is a problem all over the UK, regardless of town, county or affluence.  It is unreasonable to expect our local councils to litter pick every hedgerow and every street in the UK. At some point w...