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Winner ‘Best Vegan Accessories’

The fashion industry is known for making statements – and in 2019, luxury labels, young designers, and independent brands made some big ones for animals. The PETA Menswear Fashion Awards celebrate the biggest moments, greatest innovations, and standout brands that made 2019 a kinder year for animals and the environment.

Immaculate Vegan

Launched in 2016, Watson and Wolfe’s mission is to design and make beautifully crafted, luxury vegan accessories that encourage more people to shop ethically and cruelty free. We spoke to founder Helen Farr-Leander.

A Luxury Travel Blog

With new and exciting brands producing vegan luxury luggage essentials, the world of vegan luxury travel just had a fashion facelift. But vanity aside, these new products are better for the environment as they aren’t made from animal based leather, they are of the highest quality and most importantly are functional too.

Travel Lifestyle

Lately one travel wallet has been catching the eyes of vegans and eco-warriors: the Watson & Wolfe vegan travel document wallet. So naturally, I wanted to try it out for myself.


Helen Farr-Leander, founder of Watson & Wolfe, a British men’s accessories brand that was launched with the aim of encouraging more men to shop sustainably, Helen created a range of luxury wallets, card cases and travel document wallets in vegan leather.

Marcus Jaye (The Chic Geek)

“Helen Farr-Leander, Founder, Watson & Wolfe, a new vegan, PETA approved British men’s accessorises business, says, “For me, vegan fashion encourages us to think about our future and our responsibility – being sustainable and environmentally-friendly and cruelty free.”

Men are well known to be shopaphobics. Who could have imagined they still are not environmentally friendly? Watson & Wolfe are here to change the landscape of shopping for men with their vegan products.

Watson & Wolfe, An Evolving Brand Creating Vegan Accessories for Men.


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