Our Story


“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Story

Our story started in late 2016, when our intention was to use genuine leather. The business boasts a wealth of experience within the luxury leather industry, so this seemed like the natural path to take. However, during the research and development phase in early 2017, we uncovered the facts and saw the reality of the leather industry. This was a turning point and we decided to change direction completely. Our Founder, Helen Farr-Leander transitioned to Veganism around this time as a direct result of seeing the level of cruelty and understanding the environmental impact that industrial farming for leather has on our planet. We believe we have an opportunity. A chance to use all our expertise to produce a product range that not only helps to guarantee a future for our planet, but one which challenges the leather industry and luxury leather goods as we know them.


Our collections are made in a small boutique factory that has a very long history of producing the highest quality leather accessories for luxury brands all over the world. Using the same traditional leather crafting techniques and construction we are producing a superior product which is completely cruelty-free and sustainable. The world is changing, and consumers are changing too. By using superior quality materials and fine craftsmanship we hope to encourage more men to shop more sustainably.

"There is a fast growing marketplace for women looking for vegan accessories, but I feel that men are hugely under-represented. I want every man to have access to luxury items regardless of his lifestyle choices."

Helen - Founder
Helen Farr-Leander - Founder | Watson & Wolfe

Industrial farming and leather production contributes to climate change, habitat destruction, and contamination of land and water, in addition to causing animal suffering. Projections indicate that the industry will need to supply 430m cows annually by 2025, a staggering statistic that is at odds with the 360% rise in vegetarianism and veganism over the past decade. Increasingly people are adopting plant-based lifestyles and demanding more sustainable solutions to prevalent global issues like plastic consumption.


We are focused on providing a more responsible, environmentally friendly product which avoids the use of animal-based components in the supply and manufacturing process.

The future is plant-based

We are Vegan

We believe the consumer market must evolve to be a fully sustainable supply model with cruelty-free supply and manufacturing, better working conditions for people and less reliance on our planet’s resources.


Watson & Wolfe accessories are made using superior vegan materials.  We are committed to ensuring that all of our materials are ethically sourced and with no involvement in animal cruelty.  Vegan materials are developing at a staggering rate and our demand for high quality materials is fuelling this development.


Luxury accessories have historically meant shopping real leather, but the quality of Vegan faux leather means this is no longer the only option. We believe all men should have access to guilt-free, high quality accessories regardless of their lifestyle choices.

A Vegan Certified Company | Watson & Wolfe
We stand by our values

We care about sustainability

Watson & Wolfe uses sustainable materials sourced from the most reputable suppliers. Like you, we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, looking and feeling great, and protecting the environment.


We adopt a slow fashion approach, so our accessories won’t be out of fashion next year. Our commitment to clever design, versatility and premium quality delivers longevity and value for money.


We are committed to using the highest quality, sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.


When you purchase a product from Watson & Wolfe, you are choosing a relationship with a team who will make sure that your product stays good for life.

We are a Sustainable Fashion Brand | Watson & Wolfe
Strength and practicality for lifelong enjoyment

Functionality and durability

The Wolf has developed the capacity to survive in the most inhospitable of climates. High in the arctic, the desert and the dampness of a humid Gulf Coast swamp. Their bodies are built for stamina, possessing features ideal for long distance travel. Their narrow chests and powerful backs and legs enable them to move efficiently. Wolves can cover several miles trotting at about a pace of 6 mph and have been known to reach speeds approaching 40 mph during a chase.


The strength and endurance of the Wolf inspires our design. As well as helping you look and feel great, Watson & Wolfe has been conscious of the cross functional lifestyle you lead as a professional, partner, friend, adventurer and sportsman. We believe our accessories should be practical, durable and versatile so you feel organised and in control wherever your life takes you.

Men's Luxury Vegan Accessories | Watson & Wolfe
Fair working conditions

We are ethical

We are committed to ensuring that our products are safe for our customers and manufactured under safe, fair and humane working conditions.


We take our ethical responsibility seriously and understand that during the course of our business processes many people count on us to do the right thing.


It is important to us that we know who made our products and materials and we seek to develop long term relationships with suppliers who share our ethical standards.

We are an Ethical Fashion Brand | Watson & Wolfe