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From a simple, stylish key fob to organise your keys, to a key case that will organise your pocket change and cards too. Our small collection of key rings and cases will add a touch of luxury whilst keeping your home, office and car keys exactly where you want them.

Each item in our collection is handmade to an exceptionally high standard with low impact materials in an ethical supply chain.
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Vegan Leather Key Chains & Key Rings


About the collection

Handmade in a small boutique factory in Turkey, our range of key fobs and key cases is very concise.

Handmade with a range of low impact, next-generation materials we take the utmost care to design and make functional items that you can enjoy for years to come.

What is a key case for?

Key cases are designed to keep your keys organized instead of jangling loose in your pocket or dangling from a ring or hook on your trousers. Carrying keys in your pockets can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the linings, and so a key case, along with its other benefits can save you a trip to the tailors.

Choosing the right key case

If you are looking for a key case with lots of little hooks inside, we can’t help you. With big keys for our cars, these little hooks, and the compact cases around them are far too small.

Zipped key holders on the other hand, have a single compartment which can carry several keys of any varying size and shape. They have a key hook, for house keys and if you travel light, you can even carry loose change and a card or two inside as well.
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