8th Future Fabrics Expo 2019, The Sustainable Angle | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

Future Fabrics Exhibition 2019

Tomorrow’s mainstream materials.


We are constantly looking for innovative materials which can lower our environmental impact, it drives our design and business decisions. So it was incredible to see so many innovators, product designers and textile companies at this years Future Fabric Exhibition held by The Sustainable Angle.


Here are three stand out innovations which we just have to share with you.



Vulcana, Recycled Tyres, Future Fabrics | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe

Vulcana Fabrics made with Recycled Tyres

It is estimated that 13 million tyres are stockpiled or put into landfills every year in the UK. Tyres are highly durable and non-biodegradable but newer technology has made tyres a suitable target for recycling. Aside from use as fuel, the main end use for tyres remains ground rubber.


Now, a US based company have found a solution for some of the waste generated stateside; they make it into fabrics.


Vulcana are committed to a greener, eco-friendly environment through recycling tyres into usable upholstery, wall and floor coverings, outdoor furniture, tarps, flags and more, and it looks and feels great.




BeLEAF, Sustainable Bioleather from Brazil | Watson & Wolfe

Yes, leaves! 100% vegan and with characteristics similar to leather, beLEAF™ is an innovative and eco-friendly material using leaves from Brazil.


The product raw material is natural and renewable and the leaves are given a backing, such as recycled PET from post-consumer plastic bottles. The backing transforms the leaves into a pliable and easily used fabric.


The manufacturer Nova Kaeru harvests the leaves from areas which are planted together with reforestation farms and which neighbour their factory.  beLEAF™ eliminates the carbon footprint of its production and because they are harvested close to the factory, this removes any impact of moving raw materials.


In addition, organic wastes are composted and used as soil nutrients, helping to preserve the biome, wildlife and waterways.


Chip[s] Board®

Chipsboard, Innovation from Waste | Watson & WolfeChip[s] Board® are a bio-material innovation company who see value where others see waste. They apply a Circular Economy model to address the damage caused by material manufacturing by developing materials from natural by-products.


Any idea what this button is made from?


Well, CSB is an eco-friendly particulate board made from industrial ‘potato’ waste. Yes, you read that correctly. Potato waste. It is impossible to imagine the amount of waste created by the Potato industry globally every year, although there is probably a stat somewhere. Turning this waste in to usable, durable and good looking items is quite incredible.


Chip[s] Board® materials are created with low water and contain no harmful chemicals or non-bio-degradable material. All the off cuts from material production are all incorporated back into the process too, which means no raw material is ever wasted.




Remember, we can all have an impact on the global fashion footprint. Do your research and find brands who are aligned with your values, because fast fashion causes irreparable damage to our planet. There is an old saying, “buy cheap, pay twice”.  If you buy well and pay a bit more, your clothes will last longer and less clothing will end up in landfill.


We hope to see many of the innovative materials from this years Future Fabrics Exhibition readily available in the coming months.

Watson & Wolfe
Helen Farr-Leander