Slimming Down Your Wallet for Compact Minimalism

Minimalist Card Holders and Wallets | Watson & Wolfe
WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER A MINIMALIST WALLET Most of us carry a wallet or purse every day and whether it is in a pocket or a bag we are all guilty of collecting cards and receipts that end up bulking it out.  If we are honest with ourselves, much of what we carry is needless ... Read more

Best Vegan Shoes for Men

Superior quality vegan shoes for men There can be no denying that your choice of shoe can make or break an outfit, and a great pair of shoes will also determine how people see you. Fair? perhaps not, but first impressions matter, and if you dislike wearing animal skin, but want to wear truly superior, ... Read more

Watch to see why we are so animal friendly

Why Watson & Wolfe

We love what we do, and we hope that you will love what we do too.

Our ethos and values are not just important to us, they are important for the future of fashion.  It is our belief that moving from a wasteful, polluting industry to one which is cleaner and more considerate should not mean compromising on quality or style.

It is not just our materials that matter

Our commitment to being a responsible brand runs deeper than our materials, it extends to the people who supply them and the people in our supply chain, who use their skill and expertise to craft each of the finished pieces.

Please see our dedicated pages, Our Materials and our Transparency in our Supply Chain to learn more.

Environmental Footprint

Our environmental footprint is a primary consideration when designing our collection and we take full responsibility for the impact it has. Wherever possible, we try to source materials close to our factories to avoid unnecessary transportation and we are working with One Tree Planted, to offset a proportion of the carbon we generate.

For every order we receive, we plant 1 tree. Read more about our partnership with One tree planted.

Why a wallet makes a perfect gift for a man

Why A Wallet Makes A Perfect Gift For A Man | Watson & Wolfe
Is a wallet a good gift for a man? The primary reason for anyone to carry a wallet is so they have access to the things which will keep them safe in an emergency. Whether it's cash, cards, a bus or train pass or identification. While it is important to carry these things, this doesn't ... Read more

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – Top Eco Gift Ideas

Eco Valentines Day Gifts for Men | Watson & Wolfe

Buying a Valentine’s gift for men can be difficult, especially as the event falls just seven weeks after Christmas. The chances are, he received some pretty useful presents, like new socks, a sweater or two, and some skincare. But fear not, we have collated some great Valentine’s day gifts for him, which also happen to be thoughtful to our planet.

Best Vegan Accessories

Best Vegan Accessories, PETA Award Winner | Watson & Wolfe

We have had an incredible journey so far and being awarded ‘Best Vegan Accessories’ in the PETA Menswear awards is a fantastic way to start the year.  

We have Launched at Wolf & Badger Online

Founded in 2010 Wolf & Badger is home to over 600 of the world’s best designers and artisans in fashion, jewellery, accessories, home ware and beauty. With storefronts in London and NYC, they offer a global marketplace for independent brands and now they stock Watson & Wolfe too.

Why our Wallets are the best Eco Luxury Wallets

Luxury is defined as ‘an inessential, desirable item which is expensive or desirable to obtain’, but when is comes to wallets, there is no doubt that there are some design and craftsmanship techniques that distinguishes a luxury wallet from a mid to low level wallet.  

A New Colour In Our Permanent Collection

New Colour in the Permanent Collection | The Tundra, Watson & Wolfe
The Introduction of Chestnut Brown and Blue Our permanent collection just had to feature a range of items in brown but with so many shades and tones available one must draw inspiration from our environment and the things we love to help make these decisions. For us, our connection with the earth and nature is ... Read more

Nominated for Best Vegan Start-up

Vegan Food & Living Awards - The Tundra | Watson & Wolfe

WOW!  Best Vegan Start-up…   Having launched just 5 months ago, we still celebrate every small achievement, such as the most orders in a day, a feature in a magazine, the most likes on an Instagram post or receiving great customer feedback.  So, when an email was delivered on Friday announcing that we had been … Read more

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