Positive Environment News – March 2021

Positive Environment News from March 2021 | Watson & Wolfe
Top news stories to make us smile As we walk boldly into April, with the hope that lockdowns will ease, we are clinging to all the positive things which are happening around the globe. And there are many! Despite varying restrictions, people and organisations are still inspiring us, and pushing ahead with long terms plans ... Read more

What is PVC?

What is PVC? Everything you need to know | Watson & Wolfe
Everything you need to know about how PVC is made, used and its use in Fashion. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic that is odourless, solid, brittle, and generally white in colour. It is currently ranked as the third most widely used plastic in the world (behind polyethylene and polypropylene) (1) and is one of ... Read more

Buy A Wallet, Plant A Tree

Buy A Wallet, Plant A Tree | Watson & Wolfe
Offsetting our impact with reforestation At Watson & Wolfe, sustainability is one of our core values.  We care about sustainability and know that as a business we generate more CO₂ than the average person.  Our environmental footprint is a primary consideration when designing our collection and we take full responsibility for the impact it has.  ... Read more

Recycled Art, a form of Environmental Activism

Environmental Art, Recycled Art | Watson & Wolfe
Highlighting waste and the environment through art. Upcycling is no doubt an inspiration, with designers, artists, furniture makers and zero wasters all taking items, which would end up in landfill, and giving them a second life. Art is one of our passions, and we believe that recycled art as a form of environmental activism can ... Read more

Top tips to Reduce your footprint

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint at Home | Watson & Wolfe

This week celebrates Earth Day on Wednesday 22nd and Fashion Revolution Week. Whilst Earth Day encourages us to reduce our environmental footprint, Fashion Revolution Week is a week of activism to promote transparency and a cleaner fashion industry.

Best Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps For Men

Best Zero Waste Bathroom Tips For Men | Watson & Wolfe

Hey guys, achieving zero waste is not easy, but it is super easy to make small changes, that significantly reduce your use of plastic and waste. In this article we look at the best zero waste bathroom swaps for men, because the bathroom is one of the easiest places to impact your environmental impact.

Veganuary and what being vegan means

Veganuary and What Vegan Means | Watson & Wolfe

Veganuary was inspired by the success and awareness campaign Movember and was established to create a movement that would appeal to non-vegans. Since the event began back in 2014, Veganuary has seen it’s participants almost double each year. This year it is expected that more than 500,000 people will participate.

Lessons In Leather

Environmental Impact of Cow Leather | Watson & Wolfe

At a time when consumers are taking more of a conscious approach to buying clothes, understanding the environmental impact of our clothing has become more important than ever. Many people are shocked to hear that cow’s leather impacts the environment more than any other material.

Climate Change Street Art

Street Art by Isaac Cordal | Watson & Wolfe

The art of Isaac Cordal has never been more relevant than now. Isaac has captured our attention with a series of thought-provoking installations about climate change and the crisis our planet is facing.

The War on Litter – Mallorca

War on Litter, Mallorca | Watson & Wolfe

Litter is a pet hate for many people and it is definitely one of mine. I find it incredibly hard to walk away from an area which is heavily littered, whether I have my litter picker or not, and during a recent stay in Puerto Pollenca, Mallorca, the War on Litter became a daily obsession.

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