Inspirational Vegans: Fiona Oakes – Record Breaking Athlete

Inspirational Vegans: Fiona Oakes
The fastest woman to run a marathon on every continent. Often referred to as “the greatest runner you’ve never heard of”, Fiona holds four World Records, including being the fastest woman to run a marathon on every continent. Fiona co-founded Vegan Runners in 2004 and her attempt at the 2017 Marathon des Sables was documented ... Read more

The Best Cruelty Free Vegan Skin Care For Women

Best Cruelty Free Vegan Skincare for Women | Watson & Wolfe
Because your skin deserves the best natural ingredients. Over the past 12 months the importance of taking care of ourselves and our planet has become even more apparent.  With an increasing spotlight on sustainability, we can all take steps to help our Earth and ourselves by using cruelty free and vegan skin care.  Making just ... Read more

Top 10 Vegan Smoothie Bowls

Top 10 Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipes, The Tundra | Watson & Wolfe

Kick start your day or refuel after a workout.


This month on our blog we are featuring our Top 10 Smoothie Bowl ideas. Smoothie bowls can be a good source of fibre, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats and are a sure-fire way to kick start a busy day in the office or to refuel after a trip to the gym.


We are also huge fans of the smoothie bowl so we have selected 10 of our favourites to tease your taste buds.


To make any of these delicious recipes, click on the photo and head to the source for the full recipe. While you’re there, why not give them a follow to show your support.


And don’t forget to follow us for regular updates @watsonandwolfe.

Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl, Vegan Recipes | Watson & Wolfe
@smaakt puffed wheat, @quaker granola, pumpkin seeds, banana 🍌 , cinnamon, apple 🍎 and pecans.

Makes for a delicious and filling breakfast!

Recipe from @mealsbysusan

Read more

Fashion Inspiration from Famous Vegan Men

Fashion Inspiration from Famous Vegan Men | Watson & Wolfe

We can prove that staying true to your values doesn’t mean compromising on style or quality. In this weeks article we feature five vegan celebrities each with their own sense of style. All are vegan and all of them set an example of how vegan fashion is most definitely cool.

Food Friday – Top 10 Vegan Recipes

Food Friday, Top 10 Vegan Recipes From Instagram | Watson & Wolfe

We love vegan food here at Watson and Wolfe and you guys are constantly inspiring us to make great food at home. So we’ve decided to create this brand new feature, and include our top 10 vegan recipes found throughout the month on Instagram.

10 MINUTES WITH… Annick Ireland

10 Minutes With Annick Ireland, Immaculate Vegan | Watson & Wolfe

Luxury brands have been at the forefront of the fashion movement for decades, but now luxury vegan fashion is making it’s mark too, where the emphasis is not only on superior quality and cruelty free, but where ethics and sustainability are also a huge consideration too.

The Retreat Animal Sanctuary

Farm Animal Sanctuary - Watson & Wolfe

Nestled in the glorious Kent countryside, just 8 miles from Ashford, is The Retreat Animal Sanctuary, which cares for more than 1200 abused, sick and abandoned animals. It opened in 1989 and since then…

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