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Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

All of our daily activities generate CO₂ and as a business we generate more than the average person. Our environmental footprint is a primary consideration when designing our collection and we take full responsibility for the impact it has. This is why we are working with Reforestum, to offset our carbon by contributing to reforesting projects.


Agricultural expansion, livestock ranching and logging are just three of the reasons for the staggering rate of global deforestation. Trees are important for our planet’s survival, because through photosynthesis, trees capture the CO₂ released into the atmosphere and reduce the greenhouse effect that is the cause of climate change.


The Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every

minute. It is estimated that 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation.

Source – World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


Environmental activism is increasing across the world and projects like the one we are supporting in Northern Spain aim to help counter the damage caused.


Picos de Europa, Spain

Centuries of deforestation and the cumulative effect of global warming means Spain could suffer severe desertification if we don’t act quickly. Spain’s 15 national parks cover 343,647 hectares (849170 acres), which barely represents 1.4% of the country’s total surface area.


Génesis is as 12 acre site, located next to the National Park Picos de Europa (67,127 hectares) and to the Natural Park Parque Natural de Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre (78,300 hectares) and has been officially certified as a carbon capture project by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


Collective Reforesting

In 2018, the Genesis area was planted with about 5,000 one year old seedlings of 12 different indigenous varieties. Since then over 1000 people have bought a share of the land to offset their carbon footprint. Currently over 70% of the land has been claimed and it is likely that the area will be extended in Spring 2019.

Our Carbon Footprint

Much of the Carbon we generate is from moving materials and travelling to suppliers and events. By offsetting our emissions in this way, we join more than 1000 other individuals and businesses who have also helped to make sure this project is supported and protected.


We have an ongoing commitment to being Carbon Positive, and we will continue to calculate our emissions over the coming months and make regular contributions towards this and other conservation projects.

Carbon Offsetting, Carbon Neutral | Watson & Wolfe

To read more about this project, including details about the native species that are being planted visit:

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