Four Sustainable fashion & lifestyle blogs for men


The men who are influencing sustainable fashion

If you're a man interested in sustainable fashion and eco-friendly living, finding the right resources can make all the difference in your journey towards a greener lifestyle. Luckily, several reputable blogs provide valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to help you navigate this path. Here are a few of our favourites:

Carl Thompson Fashion Blogger

Carl Thompson

This lifestyle blog is focused on sustainable fashion and ethical practices. The articles frequently cover topics related to building an eco-friendly wardrobe, emphasising the importance of choosing sustainable fabrics, secondhand shopping, and supporting brands that prioritise ethical manufacturing and sustainable materials.

There is also a recurring theme that encourages us to adopt a minimalist approach to buying; only choosing to buy what we need and love, thus reducing impulse shopping and the consumption of fast fashion.

The website also delves into sustainable lifestyle practices beyond fashion, such as eco-friendly living habits and participating in community clean-up efforts. In 2013, Carl, who is from London, founded Hawkins & Shepherd, a shirt-maker selling pin collar shirts, tab collar shirts and formal shirts. For more details, visit Carl Thompson.

Efe Efeturi Mens Sustainable Fashion Blogger

Efe Efeturi

Efe is a prominent stylist and menswear content creator. Passionate about fashion, Efe empowers men to express themselves aesthetically at any age. His dedication to enhancing personal style has made him a respected figure in the menswear industry.

Efe focuses on men's everyday needs, offering accessible and achievable style inspiration. His unique approach has inspired thousands to elevate their wardrobes and embrace personal style. Recognised and trusted by his followers, Efe is committed to helping men feel confident through the right clothing, believing it can transform lives. He continues to push the boundaries of menswear, making a significant impact in the fashion world.

Efo is also plant-based and much of his content can be found on Instagram @efe.efeturi rather than his blog.

Jordan Bunker

Jordan Bunker's website is a men's fashion and lifestyle blog that features his insights on style, culture, and sustainability. The blog covers topics such as fashion trends, personal style advice, travel experiences, and lifestyle tips. It emphasizes sustainable fashion choices and practical wardrobe recommendations, reflecting Jordan's personal experiences and opinions.

The site also includes interviews and collaborations with various brands and industry figures.

For more details, visit Jordan Bunker or follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanbunker

Gurj Sohanpal

Gurj Sohanpal has a personal blog focused on menswear, travel, and lifestyle. It features articles and insights on fashion trends, travel experiences, and interviews with various personalities.

The blog aims to provide inspiration and practical advice for readers interested in enhancing their style and exploring new destinations. It also includes visual content and personal stories, reflecting Gurj Sohanpal's unique perspective and experiences.

For more details, visit Gurj Sohanpal.

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