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Why you should consider a minimalist wallet

Most of us carry a wallet or purse every day and whether it is in a pocket or a bag we are all guilty of collecting cards and receipts that end up bulking it out.  If we are honest with ourselves, much of what we carry is needless and it usually prevents us from changing the style of wallet we use and opting for a more minimalist wallet instead.

We live in an age where cash is used less often, therefore having many compartments in your wallet may no longer be a necessity.

Are minimalist wallets better?

Minimalist wallets and card holders are great if you are adapting to societal changes and carrying less cash. Minimalist wallets and card cases are intentionally designed to be slim, sleek, and compact, whilst also giving you the space you need for essential cards and cash.

What is good about a minimalist card holder?

A minimalist wallet or card holder keeps things light and compact, and in addition to freeing up pocket space they can save unnecessary wear and tear on your trouser or jacket pockets. Believe it or not, carrying a bulky wallet or card holder will take its toll on your clothing, prematurely thinning the lining of trouser and coat pockets. Living with a less cluttered wallet in your pocket can be cathartic, it lets you carry only what is important whilst retaining your desire for something which is comfortable to carry and nice to look at and use.

If you would like to slim down your wallet in favour of a more minimalist card holder, then you may be wondering what the options are.

Choosing a minimalist card holder

Our collection of minimalist card holders and wallets show our dedication and experience in designing slim, minimalist pieces which look and feel great. Our materials are all cruelty free and vegan, but more importantly, they are lightweight and durable. Using next generation materials which are thinner than conventional leather means our wallets and card holders are super light and minimal even after you have filled them with cards and cash.

The Nano

Super slim and with one central pocket the minimalist Nano card case is perhaps the slimmest of all and can carry around 8 cards as well as folded notes. The compact design makes this card wallet a very versatile carry. Top pocket, front pocket or back pocket, you shouldn’t feel any bulk at all. These card cases all have RFID protection and are designed and constructed with impeccable attention to detail, including top locking stitches where your card holder will experience the most wear and tear.

The Nano, Minimalist Card Holders | Watson & Wolfe

Slim Card Holder with Central Pocket

If you want prefer a designated space for folded notes, then a central pocket is an option. Perfectly positioned between the 5 card pockets, the lined central pocket allows you to carry a considerable amount of folded notes and bills. The compact design makes this minimalist wallet ideal for top pocket, and front or back trouser pockets. Complete with RFID protection the sleek lines and lightweight design keep this card holder nice and slim.

Slim Card Holder, Minimalist Card Holders | Watson & Wolfe

Bi-folding Minimalist Card Holder

For a card holder which keeps your cards hidden there is the bifold card case.  You still get the versatility of a lightweight design with multiple pockets for cards, but this sleek and minimalist card wallet has more of wallet feel than the two mentioned above. Doubling up on cards in each pocket is possible, as is slipping in folded notes, but minimalist styles are rarely designed for overbulking, so do bear this in mind. If you want to slim down, make sure you only carry what you need.

Bifold, Minimalist Card Holders | Watson & Wolfe

Card Wallet with Notes Pocket

For the ultimate minimalist style which has the feel of wallet, but all the storage you need and RFID protection, the bifold card wallet with a full length notes pocket is a popular choice. With 6 card pockets there is no need to add bulk with folded notes, because along the back, you have a dedicated pocket for folded notes. This design takes away bulk whilst the materials and design, keep the card holder lightweight and slim. This one also has a seventh card pocket on the back for a travel card which sits outside of the RFID protection. Perfect for the tube swipe!

Card Wallet, Minimalist Card Holders | Watson & Wolfe


If you are gifting a card holder or treating yourself, then why not consider adding personalised initials. We design with personalisation in mind, so three of the four styles showcased here can have custom initials or a message added to the inside.

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