Pro’s and Con’s of a Trifold Wallet

All you need to know about choosing a Trifold Wallet

The name trifold wallet comes simply from the number of sections and folds. Trifold wallets will have three sections and two folds, allowing you to fold it into thirds. This style of wallet offers its owner much more space for cards, notes and in some cases, even coins.

Wallets are a popular gift for men, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, or Father’s Day gift. So, if it is time to upgrade your wallet, or you are looking to purchase one for somebody else, then read on.

Are trifold wallets good?

A trifold wallet can be the perfect choice for people who –

  1. carry a lot of cards
  2. like to carry a wallet in the front pocket of trousers
  3. like a compact shape

The folding design of a trifold wallet provides a compact shape and size when compared to a traditional bifold wallet. For example, a trifold can slip easily into a top inside coat pocket, front jeans pocket or be secured on a belt chain and carried in a back pocket.


Compact Trifold Wallet | Watson & Wolfe
Trifold wallets have are a compact shape and size.

What are the features of a trifold wallet?

A trifold wallet, while thicker, offers ample storage. In fact, you may be surprised how much a trifold wallet can accommodate. Almost every design is extremely spacious, with all three sides providing storage for cards, plus hidden space for business cards and a full-length notes pocket. Some designs may have an ID card holder or a coin pocket, usually replacing one of the card sections to achieve this.

Tip: if you are looking for a wallet with an ID window, you should know that these are usually made from PVC. PVC is considered the most damaging plastic on the planet. It can become brittle and break over time and, in our opinion, is not a suitable material if you want to own and use the wallet for a long time.

What are the drawbacks of a trifold wallet?

Beware of bulking. The extra capacity, which is available in a trifold design, can quickly become an excuse to overfill and overbulk your wallet. The attraction of being able to carry so many more cards can stop you from clearing out old cards or receipts.

Overbulking will affect the performance and longevity of your wallet. Before upgrading your existing wallet, it is always best to empty and be honest with yourself about the items you need to carry every day.

It is for this reason that some people will avoid buying a trifold wallet, believing them to be bulky all the time, and to be an unsightly bulge in the pocket.

Do trifold wallets have RFID protection?

It will depend entirely on the brand of wallet you purchase as to whether you get RFID protection inside your wallet or not. RFID protection seems to be a pre-requisite for most brands these days. Although there are few reported cases of RFID fraud in the UK, we have heard from customers that it can be an issue in higher populated areas of the world.

Leather or material?

In addition to the environmental damage caused by the production of animal leather, there is another downside to buying leather when it comes to wallets. Leather absorbs moisture and retains heat, so keeping a leather wallet in your pocket on a hot day can be uncomfortable. Leather also tends to be heavier, so a trifold wallet can be weighty before you even begin to put anything in it.

Next-generation materials made from bio-material, plant based vegan materials, nylon and other eco-friendlier materials are significantly lighter and thinner, whilst providing the durability a wallet needs to have.

If you are keen to have something which remains sleek and lightweight, then perhaps looking at non leather options is a good place to start.

The best trifold wallets we offer

If you are looking for the best trifold wallet, then you would do well to look at our collection. The best-selling trifold wallet in black can hold 9 cards, cash and has a slip pocket under each card section. It is super lightweight and has a similar look and feel to leather but is 100% cruelty free.

Out traditional trifold wallet is also available in chestnut brown, and with an eyelet for your favourite belt chain.


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