Benefits of Owning a Wallet With Coin Pocket

Everything you need to know about coin wallets.

Are you looking for a wallet with a coin pocket? When embarking on the journey of finding a new wallet, many people tend to shop for the same style, with the same layout inside, the same number of card pockets and an overall size they are familiar with.

We grow comfortable with an item we have carried with us every day for many years. So, with so many styles of wallet available, it is easy to overlook an option which you may not have tried before, not knowing that it is more perfectly matched to your needs.

In this short article, we look at the coin wallet. A best-selling design of wallet which can carry more than just your trusty bank card.

What is a coin wallet?

Yes, a coin wallet is designed to hold coins! But that is just one part of its design. These days, we tend to carry less cards, a little cash and it is still necessary to carry a few coins. A coin wallet will organise your cards, business cards, receipts, bank notes and coins in a compact design. You should also know that a coin wallet is intentionally designed not to be bulky, despite its versatility.

However, some people find it a crazy concept that one would carry coins in a wallet. So, let’s quickly look at the alternative.

Coin wallets are designed for versatility; holding cards, full length notes and coins.

How you might carry coins now

If you carry coins already, there are several ways you might do this. Including but not limited to;

  1. The tiny pocket next to the main pocket of your jeans!
  2. In your jeans pocket
  3. In a wallet, next to a bank card

Opt for number 2 and the lining of your trousers will wear thin and that’s when holes start to appear. Coins also have a habit of falling out when you sit down, such as down the back of the sofa or in the seats of the car.

If you opt for number 3, and tuck them next to a bank card, then there is a good chance you will damage the lining and the aesthetic of your wallet. Card pockets are not designed to hold coins of varying size and thickness and this can lead to the pockets becoming loose and your wallet wearing out much faster than it should.

How do you carry coins in your wallet?

Why don’t all men’s wallets have coin compartments?

The need for a coin compartment can depend on where you live.

For example, Saudi Arabia does not have coin currency at all. And in the US coins are not worth much either because they have a $1 note. Elsewhere currency denominations under £5 or €5 are mostly coins.

What is a coin pocket in a wallet?

A coin pocket in a wallet is a dedicated and intentionally designed pocket designed to hold your coins. This can be a zipped pocket, a pocket with a snap, it could be inside, or outside, but they all have the capacity to hold your coins safely and securely without affecting the use and longevity of your wallet. In most cases, they also enable your wallet to stay compact and light.

The coin pocket will usually have a small gusset to allow for expansion and be compact and slim when not in use.

A versatile coin wallet with internal pocket


Why choose a wallet with an internal coin pocket?

Our coin wallets are intentionally designed with coin pockets on the inside. The coin pocket has an expanding gusset on each side, allowing fair sized capacity when you are carrying coins, but remaining flat inside the wallet when you have fewer or no coins in it. The benefit of having a pocket inside, is that overtime the relaxation of the pocket is not seen.

A coin pocket which is used all the time will age and the material will relax and become looser, in our opinion and depending on the material, this can look untidy. We believe it is important that the external appearance and the lines of your wallet remain clean and smart.

What are the drawbacks of a wallet with a coin pocket?

To keep a wallet compact, and have the versatility and flexibility of carrying coins, some compromise is inevitable. Wallets with a coin pocket may have less space for cards, or less pockets in general, so if you fancy giving this style a chance, be honest about what cards you need to carry, have a clear out and then look at the capacity your new wallet needs.


Now that you can see the benefits of a wallet with a coin pocket, take a look at our selection of coin wallets here.


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