Walking into Winter – How to Buy less and look good

Let Sustainable Fashion guide you into winter

If we are honest with ourselves, right now, it is hard to focus on positives. We are surrounded by constant negativity as news of restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic situation, serve only to make us feel more detached from our lives.

The hustle and bustle in the City and the busy streets of central London have been replaced by tumble weed moments and as more businesses look to survive, we may see job losses continue to rise.

All this news is bad enough, and with World Mental Health Day on 10th October, we got to thinking about how we can give ourselves a little boost in a sustainable way, without spending a penny.

Using fashion for good

It’s one of the most polluting industries on the planet, but we know that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to cost a thing, because the most sustainable fashion on the planet, is the fashion that you already own.

So how can you move from Summer to Winter with only the clothes you own right now?  Well, without further ado, here is our top tip for moving to the next season, without spending a penny.

Our Top Tip – Clear out Summer

Sounds simple enough, but our top tip, is to remove all your Summer clothes from your wardrobe and drawers and neatly pack them away in a suitcase. Now, you can organise the remaining items and see more clearly everything at your disposal.

Put to one side any item which needs to be repaired, you can come back to those later.

DO NOT pack away the bright funky pieces from Summer, such as bright t-shirts and shirts with slogans, these still have a place in your Winter wardrobe if you use them wisely.

More Top Tips

We took to the streets (well Instagram and our little black book actually!), and asked a host of fashion stylists and online bloggers for their top tip for sustainably moving from Summer to Winter and here’s what they had to say.

Winter – how can I make the most of what is in my wardrobe already?

Garik Himebaugh

Chief Stylist and founder at Eco-Stylist.com said “My two style tips for men to sustainably transition to winter are layer up and accessorize.

  1. Many summer pieces can be repurposed for winter simply by layering. For example, your summer chinos and tee can be paired with a sweater or blazer for a quick winter outfit. Alternatively, your jeans and button-up can be worn under a sweater, with an overcoat on top for chillier days.
  2. Accessories are a great way to elevate and add interest to your outfits. Do you wear the same things often? Try adding a necklace, watch, or bow tie, and suddenly it is a new look. Accessories can make you look sharper without having to add new clothes to your closet. Try it!

Emma Hakansson   

Emma is a vegan writer, artist, creative director, and model and Emma had this little gem.

  1. Lay out your winter clothes and have a look at them all together. Chances are, there are plenty of combinations you haven’t thought of yet, that are going to look great, and make you feel as though you’re wearing a brand-new outfit. Try layering and accessorising with basic pieces.

You can follow Emma on Instagram.

Gianna Ciaramello

Gianna is a designer and the author of mangiano! the vegan Italian cookbook. Gianna gave the following advice.

  1. When it comes to winter it is all about the layers. You can always add more on and if you get hot—remove some. Use this to your advantage when styling your outfits. Utilise scarves and jackets. Thick socks and tights or leggings. Mix and max colours and prints.

You can follow Gianna on Instagram.

MABBH Magazine

The fashion, beauty and wellness magazine MABBH, is helping vegans navigate the world consumer products. When we asked them for a tip on moving from Summer to Winter, here’s what they had to say.

  1. The key is to think outside the box. How can you layer typically “spring” and “summer” pieces into a transitional wardrobe for fall? Think neutral sundresses layered over turtlenecks, or summer skirts with tights. It is about getting playful and creative with layering.
  2. If you are bored with your wardrobe it would be good to look at how you can style the pieces you already own in interesting ways and possibly re-working them altogether. Tie dye, cutting, hemming, and playing with how you can change the silhouettes you already have in your closet into fresh looking pieces.

Why not set yourself the challenge of seeing how many new combinations you can make from everything you own already.

And remember accessorising can change your whole outfit. If you want to invest in any new pieces, choose classic, timeless and high-quality items which will last. Buying less and buying well is always a better option over shopping fast-fashion pieces, that will not be in your wardrobe very long.

Reuse – Give clothes a second life

After your garment has lived a long and productive life, it inevitably comes time to say goodbye. Instead of sending it to landfill, why not give it a second use? Recycle it, upcycle it, give it away, sell it — the possibilities are endless.

Visit Fashion for Good to find out more and to find resources to help divert your old clothes from landfill.


Photo by Zoë Gayah Jonker.

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