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Fashion Inspiration from Famous Vegan Men

Vegan Celebrities Who Rock Cruelty Free Fashion


Staying true to your values doesn’t mean compromising on style or quality. In this weeks article we feature five vegan celebrities each with their own sense of style. All are vegan and all of them set an example of how vegan fashion is most definitely cool.


Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke by Larry Hirshowitz, 2013 (Pinterest)


With his impeccable sense of style, the Radiohead front man easily makes it to the top of our list. Thom manages to have runway style even in a simple tee and jeans, but this is no accident because Thom is a lover of fashion. He can often be found sitting in the front row at fashion events and has even been known to create music for the designers. What is more, Thom is eco-conscious and cares about the environment and our impact on it.

“We’re at a time when we are being presented with undeniable changes in the global climate and fundamental issues that affect every single one of us, and it’s the time we’re listening to the most hokey shite on the radio and watching vacuous bullshit celebrities being vacuous bullshit celebrities and desperately trying to forget about everything. Which is fine, you know, but personally speaking, I can’t do that.” – Thom Yorke


Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz pictured by People Magazine (Pinterest)


If you’re vegan and love avocados, then owning your own avocado farm is what dreams are made of. Well, Jason Mraz lives on an avocado farm in San Diego, so it’s no surprise that he’s committed to his vegan, raw food diet.  Jason went vegan a few years ago in support of a brandmate and has never looked back. We love Jason’s style, with his array of hats and caps and his effortless casual outfits often layered with an open check shirt.

“A guy in my band found out that he had type 2 diabetes and felt that the only way he could help himself was to go raw. I did it as a partner for him so it would be a little easier,” – Jason Mraz


Mickey Madden

Mickey Madden


We love bold colours so Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 fame was obviously going to feature here. Mickey has a love of stripy tees and bold knits and his emerald cardigan is definitely one of our favourites. Mickey’s style is effortless with simple layering and splashes of colour. Mickey has been vegan for more than a decade.


“I have a general affection for animals and a respect for all living things. And having those sparks of interest led me to do some research, and when you dig a little below the surface, what you find is really disturbing. It kind of makes veganism seem like the only option. I can’t even conceive of going back to eating animal products at all.” – Mickey Madden


Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker (Pinterest)


Printed tees, vest tops, grandpa collar shirts, patterned scarfs and leather jackets. It’s a completely different kind of style from actor Thomas Dekker and he rocks it. His handsome and boyishly good looks could be, in part, due to the fact that Dekker has been vegan since age 12. According to The Vegetarian Times, Dekker went vegan after an experience at pig farm when he was just 8.


Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming wearing Brave Gentleman

When it comes to well-dressed vegan men, they don’t get any better than Alan Cumming. Actor, activist, and recipient of PETA’s Humanitarian Award in 2017, Alan has unrivalled taste in tartan suits and at 55, he still has that perfect catwalk frame that makes everything look incredible. We especially love his fashion connection to Brave Gentleman, who are at the forefront of innovative, cruelty-free sustainable fashion for men.

“As someone who cares about the environment, about being kind to animals, being kind to my body. I am very into spreading the message of style without sacrificing compassion.” – Alan Cumming

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