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Earth Loving Valentine Gifts for Men

Buying a Valentine's gift for men can be difficult, especially as the event falls just seven weeks after Christmas. The chances are, he received some pretty useful presents, like new socks, a sweater or two, and some skincare. But fear not, we have collated some great Valentine's day gifts for him, which also happen to be thoughtful to our planet.

Valentine's gifts for men need not be boring. There are plenty of cool ideas which are masculine and thoughtful but resonate with the ethos of low impact living. Choose items which embrace the slow-fashion approach of being well-made, use organic materials and ingredients and look for brands who value their impact. It's equally important to make sure that the packaging is made responsibly and can easily be recycled.

So, bearing all that in mind, our list of Valentine's gifts for men is gimmick gift free. Instead, our line up considers sustainable and slow-fashion options.

A Designer Tee - £39.95

A t-shirt from We Are Not Them. Positive change brand WANT uses sustainably sourced materials to make their t-shirts, which are good enough to gift. In fact, WANT use 28 different measurements in the cut of their pieces to ensure perfect style, fit and quality.

WANT is a Planet positive company - meaning they put back more than they use. They only use FSC approved stock and soy-based inks for their packaging and plant more trees than they use through charity OneTreePlanted.

Designer T-Shirt from WANT | Watson & Wolfe
A Designer T-Shirt from We Are Not Them (WANT)

A Piece Of Art - from £ - ££££

Investing in a piece of art is a great way to give something that can be enjoyed for decades. However, there are few tips if you want to buy sustainable art. The key is to buy pieces which feature timeless materials or a classic subject matter. This means the artwork will never go out of style and he won’t be tempted to replace it with something more ‘contemporary’ in a few years. There are excellent websites like Artfinder.com where you can search art of all styles and budgets.

Sustainable Art Gift | Watson & Wolfe
Waiting In Silence (2018) - Artfinder.com

An example of sustainable art is Abstract. This style has a lack of representation and form and means they are interpretive, making them perfect for an evolving taste. Abstract art can be even more sustainable if you choose upcycled or recycled art. Art created using mixed media items such as plastic, buttons, rope, corks and sweet wrappers.

A Custom Gift - from £35-£75

A personalised wallet is the perfect Valentine's day gift for men. A quality, handmade wallet is an indispensable item in a man's wardrobe. The average man keeps his wallet for 5-7 years and over that time the wallet becomes a very personal object. He will carry it every day, it adapts to his hand and takes on a well-used, worn and trusted character.

At Watson & Wolfe you can add personalised initials to a range of quality handmade wallets. Made with low impact, sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and eco leather made from corn. Being able to add that final bespoke touch of personalisation is the last stage in creating a truly memorable Valentine's Day gift.

Personalised Valentines Day Gift For Him | Watson & Wolfe
Personalised, Sustainable Eco Wallets from Watson & Wolfe

A Reusable Water Bottle - from £20

You have almost certainly seen one of these already or you may even know someone who has one. The incredible reusable water bottle from Chillys is one of the best-selling water bottles on the market, and for good reason. Using advanced double-walled vacuum insulation a Chilly's bottle can keep cold drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours, (regardless of the outside temperature) and your tea or coffee hot for up to 12 hours.

Plastic Free Valentines Gifts for Him | Watson & Wolfe
Reusable Water Bottle from Chilly's

The team at Chillys have a mission to accelerate the use of reusable products. To do this they are creating products for active urban lifestyles, that have the perfect balance of style and unrivalled performance. Plus, did you know you can personalise a Chillys bottle with a name or initials? If your beau doesn't have one already, this could be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him.

The Gift of Trees - £1

Planting trees is possibly one of the biggest ways to gift an eco-conscious boyfriend or husband. If they are interested in helping our planet then this could be the perfect way for you to start your very own forest together.

The Trillion Tree Campaign aims to (you guessed it!) plant one trillion trees. As of writing they have already planted 13.6 billion. There are several ways you can gift a tree; buy a voucher or make a monthly donation. Trees cost from as little as €1 and the website hosts all the global tree planting projects, so he can choose exactly which ones he wants to support.

Plant A Tree for Valentines | Watson & Wolfe
Plant Trees with the Trillion Tree Campaign

A Grooming Gift - £90

It is estimated that 2 billion razors and refill blades get thrown away every year in the U.S. Innovation can be great, but the most sustainable way to shave, is the old-fashioned way. The way of our grandfathers. Soap, brush and razor.

There are many safety razors in the market now, but this one from the England Shaving Company would make the perfect Valentines gift. Crafted and hand assembled by Edwin Jagger who make some of the world's finest wet shaving products in Sheffield.

Grooming Gifts for Valentines Day | Watson & Wolfe
Edwin Jagger 4pc Set - The English Shaving Company

This gift set contains a chrome plated stand and bowl, safety razor with blade and a black synthetic fibre shaving brush. When ordering do check the details for the brush, as some are made with animal hair.

A Luxury Accessory - £115

Possibly, one of the smartest and luxurious gifts any man can own is cufflink box. This one from Watson & Wolfe has a handcrafted hardwood base, covered with soft and supple, eco leather made with more than 50% oil from corn. A perfect blend of sustainable innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

Available in black or brown, both are sumptuously lined with super soft Alcantara which is durable and long lasting. The boxes are 100% cruelty free and vegan and the low impact materials and quality of this box make it a perfect slow-fashion gift.

Luxury Valentines Gift | Watson & Wolfe
Luxury Vegan Cufflink Box from Watson & Wolfe

A Homemade Brew - £79

Homebrewing is an excellent way for beer drinkers to help save our planet. Compared to commercial beer, homebrew conserves energy, because there is next to no transportation involved. Homebrewers also use fewer raw materials for packaging and bottles are reused. This one from Fruugo is a great example of home brewing kits.

A homebrewing kit is a great Valentine's Day gift for men who like to entertain and it's a hobby they can show off about too.

Eco Gifts for Valentines Day | Watson & Wolfe

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