Best Vegan Accessories


We have had an incredible journey so far and being awarded 'Best Vegan Accessories' in the PETA Menswear awards is a fantastic way to start the year.

Best Vegan Accessories

As we enter a new Decade, fashion is changing and consumers are changing too. All the conscious decisions that you have made this year, whether it be reducing the amount you buy, shopping second hand or buying from brands who are more ethical, it makes a statement about the kind of future you want.

The PETA Menswear Fashion Awards also celebrate change and one the biggest changes this year has been the rise and innovation of cruelty free brands. Below are this years winners, all standout brands that made 2019 a kinder year for animals and the environment.

PETA Menswear Awards

The fashion industry is known for making statements – and in 2019, luxury labels, young designers, and independent brands made some big ones for animals.

Two recent, major reports reveal that a staggering three out of the four materials that have the worst environmental impact are animal-derived, leather being the most devastating. And as consumers continue to demand ethical clothing for which no animals were killed or skinned, designers have taken note.

Best Down-Free Collection

Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Embassy of Bricks and Logs | Peta Menswear Awards 2019
Embassy of Bricks of Logs

Focusing on longevity and sustainability, German brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs makes streetwear-inspired outerwear with a filler crafted using recycled PET from ocean waste and with recycled-polyester linings.

Best Vegan Accessories

EmbassWatson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe | PETA Best Vegan Accessories 2019

British label Watson & Wolfe uses eco-friendly materials such as vegan leather made from non–food grade corn and recycled plastic for its elegant, durable men’s accessories.

Best Vegan Bags


Ashoka Paris | PETA Menswear Awards 2019

From hardwearing backpacks to stylish holdalls, French brand Ashoka has the needs of every modern man covered when it comes to bags. The muted colour palette and versatile designs make these accessories the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Best Collaboration

TOMMYXLEWIS Vegan Trainer Range

PETA Award, Best Collaboration | Watson & Wolfe

Passionate vegan and six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton teamed up with fur-free brand Tommy Hilfiger to collaborate on a range of vegan trainers. Lewis is always outspoken about protecting animals, and these stylish sneakers are a great way for fans to get in on the race towards an animal-friendly fashion industry.

Best Vegan Outerwear


Rains | PETA Menswear Awards 2019

Keep warm this season with Rains’ range of winter coats and jackets without a single ounce of animal hair, skin, or feathers. The 100% vegan brand uses feather-free insulation in its Thermal outerwear line, and its entire offering is completely free of animal-derived materials.

Best Wool Free Design

Hemp Tailor

Hemp Tailor | PETA Menswear Awards 2019
Hemp Tailor

Proving once again that wearing wool is totally unnecessary, Hemp Tailor offers a versatile range of men’s knitwear and hoodies made from organic cotton and hemp – ethical and stylish garments that no one had to suffer and die for.

Best Vegan Street Wear


ETHCS | PETA Menswear Awards 2019

The statement brand behind the recognisable “VGANG” T-shirts and hoodies also offers children’s clothing and accessories – all without any animal-derived materials. ETHCS cares about workers’ rights, working only with manufacturers that offer a fair wage and guarantee that no forced or child labour is involved in the making of its collections.

Essential Reading Award

Fashion Animals by Joshua Katcher

Joshua Katcher | PETA Menswear Awards 2019
Joshua Katcher

This fascinating title takes readers on a trip back through history to observe the many cruel ways in which animals have been used in fashion over the years. As the founder of vegan menswear blog The Discerning Brute as well as vegan menswear label Brave GentleMan, Joshua Katcher is one of the most prominent voices in ethical men’s fashion.

Best Vegan Shoes


NAE | PETA Menswear Awards 2019

Portuguese “PETA-Approved Vegan” brand NAE offers a selection of versatile menswear designs made from eco-friendly vegan materials such as cork, microsuede, and pineapple leather. From casual sneakers to dapper Derby and Oxford styles, this range proves that there’s no need to kill animals to make stylish shoes.

Best Luxury Fashion Moment

Selfridges Drops Exotic Skins

Selfridges Drops Exotic Skins | Menswear Awards 2019
Selfridges Drops Exotic Skins

The iconic department store already has a longstanding anti-fur policy, and this year, Selfridges went one step further and announced that it would no longer sell exotic skins. The move is a win for compassionate consumers and above all a victory for the many ostriches, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and lizards who will be spared suffering.

Best Vegan Makeover


Gola | PETA Menswear Awards 2019

Sportswear brand Gola launched an extensive range of vegan trainers – this casual yet stylish collection is completely leather-free, which means no cows endured the horrors of factory farming, including painful mutilations and a horrific death at the abattoir, in its making.

Best Vegan Watch

Evig Grön

Evig Grön | PETA Menswear Awards 2019
Evig Grön

This Scandi-chic brand creates wristwatches with straps made of eco-friendly vegan materials such as cork and pineapple leather, and each design is carefully handmade, striking the perfect balance between luxury and consciousness.

Animals are not ours to wear, and when used for their skin, hair, wool, or feathers, they’re treated like a collection of body parts instead of the sensitive, intelligent individuals they are. Thanks to brands such as our compassionate award winners, the fashion industry is changing and we’re moving towards a kinder and more sustainable future.

Main content supplied by PETA

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