Climate Change Street Art

Spotlight on artist Isaac Cordal


If you follow us on Instagram you will already know that we are huge fans of Street Art, and the art of Isaac Cordal has never been more relevant than now. Isaac has captured our attention with a series of thought-provoking installations about climate change and the crisis our planet is facing.


Born in Galicia, Spain, Cordal studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra and obtained a degree in sculpture.


The Cement Eclipses


His intricately made miniature sculptures are called ‘Cement Eclipses’. Each one is 15-25cm tall and represents a human being in our modern society. Installed in in streets and public spaces across Europe, they are cleverly positioned for maximum impact. Then photographs are taken to document their presence.  This series is one of his most well-known projects.


The ‘Waiting for Climate Change’ Series


Climate change decisions are made at government level. Isaac’s installation “Electoral Campaign” portrays how quite literally the governments and its politicians are in over their heads and forms part of a larger street art installation called “Follow the leaders”.


Isaac Cordal, Berlin 2011
“Electoral campaign” Berlin, Germany, April 2011.

Belgium, 2012


In his 2012 installation, he shows a few different stereotypes that confront climate change in different ways. Some are shown on the ground, whilst others stand still, looking out at sea from the top of a pole. Each one poised, holding a mobile phone.

Cement Eclipses, Belgium 2012
Figures with mobile phones and diving equipment for an emergency.


Burning fossil fuels, pollution and deforestation are all aspects of the Climate crisis which Isaac portrays in his installations.


Beaufort04, Isaac Cordal

Nantes. France in 2013


The installation ‘Waiting for Climate Change’ featured floating sculptures in the moat the Château des ducs de Bretagne, Nantes. France in 2013. This time, 14 life-sized figures in business suits could be seen idly standing by as water levels rise.


Isaac Cordal 2013
“Impassive and blasé, they absently watch the water level rise”


With sea levels projected to rise up to three feet* by the end of the century, art can be a powerful medium. It has a big role to play in our communities and our environment. The art from Isaac is a stark warning that we all need to do more than just talk about Climate Change. We need to act and encourage others to act too.


Isaac’s works involve sculpture and photography in the urban environment. You can see more of his amazing work by visiting his website –




Projected rise of sea level –


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