A New Colour In Our Permanent Collection


The Introduction of Chestnut Brown and Blue

Our permanent collection just had to feature a range of items in brown but with so many shades and tones available one must draw inspiration from our environment and the things we love to help make these decisions.

For us, our connection with the earth and nature is a big influence. Combine this with our love of art and you can imagine how our mood boards come together. The colours that naturally occur on earth are stunning and it is so easy to get distracted from the task at hand.

We also had a narrative to accompany our choice, this quote by Alison Hawthorn Deming.

“Once you realise that human actions affect every bit of earth and sky, you realise the environment isn’t just what surrounds us – it’s all one whole” – Alison Hawthorne Deming.

These words resonated with us because everything we do has an impact. Both the earth and sky are incredibly precious for us to live a happy and healthy life on our planet, and to draw a colour from each of these felt very befitting.

The primary images on our mood board was this painting by Paul Bailey. Called ‘empty sky’ it’s vibrant colours of blue inspired our choice of lining and the deep browns of the earth, the colour of our eco-leather.

"Empty Sky" by Paul Bailey
"Empty Sky" by Paul Bailey

You will see how the vibrant blue in the sky is reproduced in our lining and the ruddy, deep browns of the soil are represented by our eco-leather, which itself is made from more than 50% plant material.

Six items join our collection in this new colourway including our best selling Wallet and Slim credit card case. All make a welcome addition to the collection.

Mens Wallet with Coin Pocket in Brown | Watson & Wolfe
A wallet with coin pocket in chestnut brown with blue lining.

All items are now in stock and ready to ship worldwide.

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