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Can recycled plastic bottles be luxurious?

Why recycled plastic bottles?


Our initial design meetings were dominated by conversation around the lining of our collection. Some of the ideas we explored were used balloon silks and used spinnaker sails. We were passionate about using a fabric which would either end up in landfill, that was not easily recycled or that came from a recycled product. But more importantly, it also had to look and feel like a quality lining you would expect to find in luxury leather goods.


After several weeks of searching and reviewing samples, we finally struck fabric gold. We stumbled across a company in Asia who are not only producing the highest quality recycled plastic bottle fabric we can find, but their sustainability and green credentials are aligned with brand values.


Plastic bottles are made with PET.


Polyester is made with PET too, which is commonly used for lining leather goods. Moire Silk is also made with polyester because it provides better durability and wrinkle resistance. The biggest difference between PET and recycled PET (rPET) is its impact on the environment.


PET is made from oil often obtained through irresponsible processes, where as rPET diverts plastic from landfill. In fact, the strength and quality of virgin PET is equal to that of rPET.


Why is rPET so sustainable?



Our planet is overflowing with waste and fashion brands and we believe that all suppliers and manufacturers have the opportunity to rethink how they design, what materials they use and the impact their supply chain has on our environment.


Our first woven rPET lining has a unique colour, exclusively dyed for us to match the red stitch on the pockets of our small leather goods and accessories.


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If we can reduce the environmental impact of our production by reducing, reusing and recycling waste materials, shouldn’t we all be doing that?


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